Toronto, Canada April 30th, 2021 – Esports Academics an esports curriculum development and implementation company is ecstatic to announce that they will be one of the lead providers for esports curriculum under Access Alliance for Education’s partnership with CSL Esports. This partnership will include making the 23 different Career and Technical Education (CTE) focused courses Esports Academics is developing available to all CSL Esports’ partnered high schools. In addition, Esports Academics will also be working on the delivery of career pathways focused workshops that can be offered at all levels of education.

The partnership will establish strong and successful esports ecosystems for these scholastic institutions by bringing academics to many scholastic esports organizations that are currently only focused on club/community and/or varsity/competitive gameplay.  The partnership will focus on providing a large variety of curriculum, courseware, and career pathways workshops within esports. Successful scholastic esports programs are built on three key foundational elements – Club/Community, Curriculum and Competition. 

Quote Esports Academics 

“We are ecstatic to be working with such a well respected name in the realm of collegiate esports. We want to help provide a pipeline within esports for all students and feel like this is a great step in the right direction” said George Cork, Co-Founder of Esports Academics. “Creating a pipeline for individuals interested in entering the industry is only becoming more important as the industry continues to develop and evolve”.

“The team here at Esports Academics is looking forward to this opportunity to collaborate and partner with both CSL and AA4E. Our discussions on aligning career paths to the esports industry have been very positive and well received by the various organizations and educational institutions that we’ve spoken with. We look forward to the path ahead and growing alongside our partners.” said Sunil Patel, Co-Founder of Esports Academics

Quote Access Alliance For Education We are pleased to partner with Esports Academics in bringing strong esports curriculum and courseware, esports career pathways workshops, a network of esports professionals and more to our partnership with CSL Esports”, said John Hillsman, CEO/Partner of Access Alliance for Education. ” As one of the leading developers, publishers and suppliers of esports curriculum and courseware, esports career pathways workshops, and additional STEM education solutions, Access Alliance for Education seeks to partner with unique content providers that can help accelerate the esports learning process. Esports Academics is one of those providers.”