Toronto, ON, March 16th, 2021 – Esports Academics an esports curriculum development and implementation company is ecstatic to announce that they have partnered with the United States Esports Association to help provide curriculum to the masses at both the grassroots as well as professional level. The partnership will see collaboration on many fronts such as educational focused events, career workshops and courses being offered to members of the association.

Quote Esports Academics

“We are looking forward to helping pave the way into esports and make more people aware of the opportunities available through the industry” said George Cork, Co-Founder of Esports Academics. “The grassroots of esports are still in development and the educational as well as career pathways are not really showcased well to anyone within education. We want to help make that path through the industry easier alongside the United States Esports Association.”

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“In order for the industry to healthily grow into having a sustainable ecosystem akin to and better than that of traditional sports, clear and well-defined pathways for education, skills development, and career advancement must be forged. By working with Esports Academics, we hope to offer these industry-first opportunities to make esports into an accessible, enriching, and empowering community of diverse individuals” stated Eliot Oreskovic Chief Operating Officer at United States Esports Association.

About Esports Academics

Esport Academics is a company that focuses within the development and implementation of esports curriculum in academics institutions worldwide. It sole focus is to bring more light to the career pathways available through esports and offer an opportunity for students to learn through the use of the esports industry.